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On August 6, 1990, the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing, the UN Security Council imposed a blockade on the people of Iraq. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the continuing U.S.-led blockade on the Iraqi people and the 55th anniversary of the atomic bombings on Japan. The similarities between the final attacks on Japan and the continuing war against Iraq are chilling.

For starters, the amount of explosives dropped on Iraq in the first day alone (January 17, 1991) of air and naval attacks was equivalent to the explosive power of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. This military onslaught on a defenseless people included the first-time use of 300 tons of depleted uranium shells plus a frightening array of other internationally banned radiological, biological, and chemical weapons. All in all, over 140,000 tons of explosives, equivalent to 7 nuclear bombs, were used against the Iraqi society in destroying their environment and infrastructure.

Unfortunately, the war against the Iraqi people did not end with the cessation of military attacks in 1991, but continues to this very day with a suffocating blockade that has already claimed over one million civilian lives, the vast majority of whom are children and the elderly. More than 500,000 toddlers and infants have died due to the consequences of the sanctions (UNICEF, 1999). Twenty-three percent of all children in Iraq have stunted growth, approximately twice the percentage before the war. A 1995 FAO report(“Crop and Nutrition Status Assessment Mission”) states that child mortality level in Iraq has risen nearly fivefold since 1990. Alarming food shortages are causing irreparable damage to an entire generation of children.

This siege on the Iraqi populace must end.

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